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Windows Diverse Services, Inc. (WDS) is a Detroit business that has been serving Detroit residential and commercial clients in the Detroit Metro area for over 36 years.

WDS takes pride in building long term relationships with the Detroit community. Customers & clients appreciate the professionalism and customer service provided.

WDS provides free appraisal and has trained technical.



About Windows Diverse Services

Company History and Legacy

In the 1980s and 90s each year many parents within the Detroit community sent their sons to work and train at WDS during the summer. Years later several of these parents and sons have come to thank WDS for providing jobs which created a work ethic. Darryn Cross is one such son who is now a very successful businessman.

Our mission is to create jobs and continue to build, promote and provide quality service year long for the city of Detroit.

Windows Diverse Services, WDS, a minority-owned business is a window cleaning and gutter cleaning and glass repair service that was established in 1980 by University of Michigan graduate Frederick Douglas Daniels. There is one tenured associate; Melvin Diggs, a 50 year experienced professional window cleaner.

If you like our site and want to support us why not donate to help us continue to create jobs in the City of Detroit and train youths to go into business for themselves.


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